Digital Ape Club

It’s a collection that consists of 7777 Digital Apes, which are minted on Ethereum.
We did a very aggressive campaign on Instagram for this project. We collaborated with more than 150 promoters and were able to reach more than 15 million impressions through them. And now we have nearly 56K members on Discord.
The presale got over in just 30 minutes and the founders were able to raise $350K for the project.
Phase 2 is ready and will be launched soon!

Oh My Giraffe

We started this project from scratch and took charge of the complete marketing campaign from content creation, content distribution, user engagement, project collab, influencer marketing, paid ads, targeted campaigns for blue-chip NFT holders like BAYC, WOW, Doodles, MYAC, Crypto Punks, etc, and discord moderation and management.

This project got completely sold out and we’ve already started working on the 2nd phase, i.e. breeding giraffes.

For this, we’re planning a digital billboard campaign on Times Square and possibly on Burj Khalifa as well. Apart from this, we’re also in touch with renowned influencers like Amanda Cerny, who has more than 24M followers on Instagram itself.


Endangered Empire

We’re working on this illustrious charitable project that emphasizes saving orcas. The founder, Christian (Chino) runs a Non-Profit Organization (NPO) based in the US and is working hard to save these endangered species.
The project is based on Cardano and is already a big hit. The OG whitelist sale is over and around 81% of the art has already been sold out. We are 100% confident that as soon as we make some big announcements that are in the pipeline for the next few days (targetting 5-7 million impressions), the remaining art will get sold out too.
We’ve intentionally kept the number of discord members very low in this project, purging out the server every two days. Here we triggered between users saying that the user who has the most number of NFTs will win a Tesla, resulting in increased sales with every member buying 50-70 NFTs.


Vanguard is a collection of 5000 NFTs minted on the Solana blockchain and its total sales volume on Magic Eden is 2272 Sol.
Our primary focus for this project was solid influencer marketing on Twitter, Discord, and the whale NFT campaign which was a huge success. Out of the 500K users that we reached during the campaign, more than 3K of them visited our Discord server.