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Best NFT Projects for the Long Run

Best NFT Projects for the Long Run

The NFT market is undoubtedly competitive. You can get he complete information about Best NFT Projects for the Long Run. So Most digital artists in the past few months believed that they would launch an NFT collection if customers were willing to pay a fortune for scribbles.

And that’s exactly what they’ve been doing. Projects have been adding the metaverse and P2E tags to fuel speculation as the craze over profile image NFTs eventually faded. Although initial NFT offers do extremely well, secondary markets do not favour these NFTs. The delivery now runs counter to the grandiose claims.

The project will soon be recognised for what it is by the locals, who will then get rid of their NFTs. This trend was accelerated by the most recent crash in the crypto-NFT markets. It revealed the brittleness of the communities and once-hyped projects. Also there are many NFT Marketing Agency which help creators to promote and sell their NFTs.

Some NFT initiatives, though, managed to survive the crash unharmed. NFTs like Silks saw a rise in value as the market as a whole was falling apart. These initiatives all share a strong goal, an aggressive roadmap, substantial utility, and capable staff. They can resist crypto winters thanks to the interaction of these elements. They restore trust in web3 and NFTs.

3 Best NFT Projects for Long-term Investment 

The top three NFT projects to keep for the long term are examined in this article.

  • Silks — First derivative NFTs for horse racing enthusiasts
  • Cool Cats — Ticket to the much-awaited Cooltopia
  • VeeFriends — Gary Vaynerchuk’s hot NFT collection

A Comprehensive Look at the Top Long-Term NFT Projects 

Let’s examine the NFT projects in more detail and talk about what makes them durable.

1. Silks — First derivative NFTs for horse racing enthusiasts

The first NFT initiative to introduce thoroughbred horse racing to the metaverse, Silks, is at the top of our list. Massive data sets reflecting thoroughbred bloodlines, training progress, and racing outcomes are integrated into the community-owned gaming paradigm and mined onto the blockchain. The procedure is essential to the development of Silks Horses, derivative NFTs that are thoroughbred replicas in reality.

Racing thoroughbred horses is a significant industry. Each year, the US registers about 20,000 foals as thoroughbred racehorses. They are offered for sale at yearling auctions for an average price of USD 60,000 before they turn one. They are then well-fed, well-trained, and well-sheltered in advance of races that draw sizable crowds of spectators. With a compelling play-to-earn feature, Silks blends the lucrative markets for video games and horse racing. The objective is to “bring the excitement of thoroughbred racing to a new tech-driven and culturally diverse generation of aficionados,” as it is stated in the whitepaper.

Silks stands apart thanks to its long-term goals and clearly laid out path. It is supported by a group of cryptocurrency and video game aficionados who regularly give their best effort toward creating their metaverse. They have had success creating a vibrant community that embodies this drive. The value of Silk’s Avatar NFTs increased by more than 50% from 0.2 ETH to over 0.313 at the time of writing when the majority of the NFT Market plummeted in the current upheaval. The neighbourhood is prepared to maintain the project despite shifting market sentiments because they see its long-term importance.

2. Cool Cats — Ticket to the much-awaited Cooltopia

Currently, one of the most beloved NFT projects is Cool Cats. It is a set of Ethereum-based NFTs that were generated algorithmically. They come in various rarities and price ranges, with special body, hat, face, and costume combinations. All Cool Cats are cool, but some are much cooler. especially the ones dressed entirely. For instance, cats wearing hats or beanies are popular and don’t earn many points. A computer head or an ape costume, however, are highly wanted.

How do points factor into an NFT project for a profile picture? The fact is that Cool Cats is not just another project for profile pictures. You might think that there isn’t much happening because of the straightforward avatars. That is the furthest thing from the truth. A cool metaverse called Cooltopia is planned for the project. There will be swamps, deserts, towns, and castles in Cooltopia. It will be a gamified environment supported by community rewards, utility, engagement, and brand partnerships.

The community-driven and owner-centric strategy of Cool Cats is one of the major factors that contribute to the company’s potential for long-term growth. Here, the community of Cool Cat NFT owners contributes to the development and future of the Cool Cats ecosystem and brand. 20% of the monies received for the project are given back to the neighbourhood. You are granted community decision-making authority through the NFTs. You assist the team in deciding how to proceed with the project as an NFT holder. 

9,999 cats were introduced as part of the project’s initial launch, chosen from more than 300,000 alternatives. They are now going for an average price of $3.18 ETH on OpenSea.

3. VeeFriends — Gary Vaynerchuk’s hot NFT collection

Without a doubt, VeeFriends is the talk of the NFT. Gary was driven to fully enter the industry by his quandary regarding the NFT frenzy. He wanted a first-hand look at everything it had to offer. Gary creates a network in VeeFriends around his interests in business and creativity. By possessing the NFT, you can join this community. Additionally, you get three years of access to VeeCon, a multi-day event that is only available to NFT holders. The conference’s main objectives are to foster business, marketing, innovations, and competition in the NFT sector.

10,255 tokens were included in the first VeeFriend collection. In general, they can be categorised into three categories: admission, gift, and access. They hold the secret to Gary’s universe. They exhibit qualities that make people happy and successful. Additionally, Gary finds these qualities to be the most admirable. Popular culture allusions can be found in several of these NFTs. Gary drew 268 of the VeeFriends NFTs by hand. A royalty fee of 10% will be applied to each NFT sale and remitted to the project. 1% of this is donated to good causes.

VeeFriends is a project that wisely mixes aspects of innovation with humanism. Because of Gary’s influence on a global scale, many people in traditional industries have turned to NFTs to try their hand at them. The initiative will make donations to DAOs that support renewable energy and carbon offsets in order to reduce the environmental hazards associated with the minting and sales of NFT.


The projects mentioned above demonstrate that the potential of NFTs goes beyond hype and conjecture. These NFTs do more than just gather dust in your wallet. You can use them to get into restricted games and events. And Silks provides some great chances if you want to use your NFTs to generate actual income. The platform’s numerous revenue streams are what support its rapidly expanding community of NFT holders. Silks demonstrate the true potential of NFTs by using an evergreen sector, such as thoroughbred horse racing.

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